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Your swimming pool is a major part of your home. When taken care of properly, it is an asset.
When neglected, it becomes a liability. Proper swimming pool maintenance includes weekly chemical balancing, brushing and vacuuming.
You should be cleaning or back washing your pool filter at least monthly. While maintaining the filter you should be visually inspecting all the pool equipment for leaks and other problems.
Professional Care For Your Pool Our focus is primarily on residential pool service and repair.
Our pool technicians are trained experts in the areas of pool chemistry and pool equipment repairs.
Our mission is giving you the peace of mind that comes in knowing that your pool is well taken care of.
If equipment related problems arise you will be promptly notified. Our team is well qualified to quickly resolve any pool equipment problems that may occur

Swimming pool maintenance incharge

Swimming Pool Maintenance Equipment

We are one stop center swimming pool expert

We design, build and refurbish all kinds of pools from residential to commercial buildings.
We also offer our commitment which is to provide a safe and clean environment with a friendly
and dependable staff at affordable prices. Our maintenance services include monthly swimming pool cleaning,
chemical services as well as scheduled maintenance.

Weekly Maintenance

If you have a pool, you know how important regular maintenance is. If you are like many people,
time is in short supply and those daily and weekly maintenance chores can add up, especially during the summer.
A pool service can not only help you with regular chores, but may be able to spot problems before they become major repair projects.

We provide our customers with a wide range of pool maintenance choices from simply ensuring that chemicals are kept at optimum levels
to weekly full servicing of your pool & spa. Our full service options include:
Checking the filter pressure and removal of debris from the pump strainer and skimmer basket. Bi-weekly rinsing of the filter element.
Physical inspection and testing of all equipment for proper operation and checking for leaks.
Cleaning the decorative tiles of the pool with soap and a nylon brush.
Brushing down the walls with a combination stainless steel/nylon brush to loosen algae on concrete walls.
Vacuuming and netting debris from your pool.
Test the water and add chemicals as needed.

Hiring a pool service can free up your time, ensure that your pool is clean and maintained so you can enjoy it,
and may prolong the life of your pool. In addition,
a pool maintenance company can provide annual and seasonal care with the correct equipment and experience as an addtional service.


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